Ever wondered what it would take to be truly excited to be alive? Welcome to the gift of Access Bars® & Access Consciousness!

If you’ve ever wondered if you could ever be truly happy, you are in the right place!
I felt like I was born missing the memo on how to be happy in this world. I thought if I hid away and disconnected from everyone and everything around me, I might finally get happy. I went completely off the grid in every way possible – moving to the bush with no electricity, beyond basic plumbing and rejecting any kind of material wealth or money – all the while dreaming of how I could hide even more, like in a cave, and just meditate every day!
Funny thing was, it never worked. I was still unhappy, my body still hurt, my relationships still sucked, and money was still elusive.

I then came across the Book, “Prosperity Consciousness” by Steven and Chutisa Bowman. This began my journey with Access Consciousness, and eventually a private session with a Certified Facilitator, Viv Adcock.  I was so light afterwards, everything felt different.

I was enthusiastic, inspired, exhilarated and could perceive endless possibilities and doors open where before I’d only seen limits.
The more I’ve worked with the tools of Access, I’ve become more willing to truly step up and engage with the world – the exact opposite of what I thought would bring me happiness – and my entire world has changed.
If you are wondering what it takes to have a sense of peace, ease and exuberance, even in this crazy world, come and find out more!